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Article Directory - Soil

soil classification - simple soil test methods you can use
Soil classification can be a complicated subject, but there are some simple soil test methods you can use to check the soil in your vegetable garden.

soil conditioner - improving your garden after a soil test
A soil conditioner can help correct many problems with your garden soil. Find out more about performing a soil test and conditioning it to improve your success.

soil pH :: find your soil pH with a simple soil test
Your soil pH can affect the vegetables that you're growing in your garden. Find out how to do a simple soil test to determine the pH level of your soil.

soil sampling - check your soil when making garden plans
Soil sampling will help ensure your garden grows as well as possible. Find out more about soil tests and how they should fit into your garden plans.

soil stabilization and other garden design considerations
Soil stabilization is one aspect of garden design. Find out how your garden plants can help to stabilize the soil around them.

soil stabilizer, soil classification and soil types explained
A soil stabilizer doesn't have to be dangerous to the environment. Find out more about soil classification and ways of stabilizing it.

soil test - using chemical or organic fertilizer to improve it
A soil test should be one of the first things you do in your garden. This will tell you whether you need to add any chemical or organic fertilizer to the soil before planting.

soil testing kits - check your garden's soil classification
Soil testing kits will help you to prepare the soil in your garden. They will tell you your soil classification and what you can do it improve it.

types of soil - check seed catalogs for recommendations
Different plants grow best in different types of soil. Seed catalogs and garden nurseries will often give recommendations for the type of soil you should use for your plants.


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