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Article Directory - Container Gardening

Container Gardens - Growing Vegetables in Plant Containers
Container gardens are a great way to grow vegetables when you have limited space. Find out more about growing your own vegetables in plant containers.

Cottage Garden - Ideas for Container Gardening Style Gardens
A cottage garden doesn't necessarily have to be at the cottage. Find out more about planting one anywhere you want, using container gardening techniques.

planting a garden tub and other container gardening tips
A garden tub can be a great way to grow plants where you might not otherwise have space. Find out more about containers and other gardening tips.

garden tubs - starting seeds in containers
Garden tubs can be a great way to grow larger plants when you have limited space. Find out more about gardening in containers, whether you're starting seeds or growing large shrubs.

garden window - growing an indoor container garden
Growing vegetables and other plants in a garden window is a great way to get fresh vegetables all year long. Find out more about planting your own indoor container garden.

garden windows - greenhouse window and other garden views
Garden windows can have different purposes. A greenhouse window can be used to grow a small garden, other windows can be strictly for viewing outdoor gardens.

growing vegetables in plant containers
Growing vegetables in plant containers will let you grow a vegetable garden in even the smallest of spaces.

indoor gardening - growing indoors in plant containers
Indoor gardening can be a great way to add life to your house as well as grow plants any time of year. Find out how you can grow indoors using plant containers.

plant containers and other greenhouse equipment
Plant containers are one of a number of types of greenhouse equipment to use in your garden - even if you don't have a greenhouse.


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